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5 Reasons The Pats Will Win Another Super Bowl

Doesn’t it feel good to be a winner?

We just won another AFC Championship, and have our sights set on our sixth Lombardi trophy.

As die-hard Pats fans, we love the smell of victory.

Here are 5 reasons we are confident that the Pats will win Super Bowl 52.

1. No Deficit Is Too Big

Against Jacksonville, the Pats were down by 10 points with 12 minutes to go in the game. With 2:30 minutes left, they were winning by 3, and on the way to the Super Bowl. It seems like they are always playing from behind, but because the team has such confidence in themselves, they always seem to come out on on top.

Many teams get discouraged when they are behind on the scoreboard, but the Pats just handle business on the way to victory. This is the same way we handle tough stains in your carpet.

No matter the condition of your carpet, we press on to get you the win.

2. Experience Is Everything

Football is a wonderful sport, and anyone that gets to the NFL has definitely earned it. This means that you are the best of the best. When skill set is equal, often times the deciding factor in who wins the game is EXPERIENCE.

The Philadelphia Eagles played very hard this year to get to the position they are in. However, they are a relatively young team playing with a backup quarterback.

This will be the eighth Super Bowl appearance for the Patriots in the Tom Brady era. The team may be excited to be in “the big show”, but they’ve been here before. This means they will be composed and ready for anything the opposition throws at them.

The same thing applies to carpet cleaning. While anyone with some equipment and a van can clean your carpets, an experienced carpet cleaning professional with 25 years experience knows how to handle any obstacles your carpets may have lurking in them.

@thearcher14: “We never said it was gonna be easy.”

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3. Great Leadership

They say “it starts from the top”. Nothing could be more true then when it comes to football. With strong leadership comes great results. The Patriots have a fearless owner that invests wisely to make the team better every year. The head coach is a proven winner, and the quarterback will go into the books as one of the best to ever play the game.

When the season starts, the Patriots are always counted out. By the end of the season, they are in the thick of things on the way to a championship. When you have leadership that is focused on success, you can’t lose. This is a good way to think about your carpet cleaner. The number one focus of Perfection Carpet Cleaners is to get your carpets looking like new.

BB & TB.

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4. A Well Oiled Machine

Along with the leadership is the system, and the players that play in that system. Have you ever noticed how some teams play like there’s no method to their madness? They run play after play, hoping that one will work.

Not the Pats.

The offense is always methodical. They run the right play at the right time, regardless of the situation. They have sound fundamentals, which is why they continue to win.

Perfection Carpet Cleaners also has sound fundamentals when it comes to carpet cleaning services. We go into each job pushing towards the goal line. You get to spike the ball!


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5. The BEST Fans

That’s right, I said it. The Pats DEFINITELY have the best fans. We stand behind our team in the snow, rain, wind, and cold. We don’t let setbacks get us down because we know that there’s always a chance to win. On Super Bowl Sunday, we will all be gathered around watching the game cheering our team on to victory.

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