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How to Keep Your Carpet’s Warranty

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You just spent a lot of money getting a new carpet installed in your home. And you want to be sure that this carpet lasts for a long time.

You also feel that the carpet manufacturer has your back because of the carpet warranty that came with the purchase.

But did you know that you need to get your new carpet professionally cleaned on a regular basis?

In this blog, you’ll learn about the standard carpet warranties, and how steam cleaning your carpets with hot water extraction every 18-24 months will keep you in good standing with the manufacturer’s carpet warranty.

4 Types of Carpet Warranties

There are four types of warranties that come with your purchase of carpeting:

  1. Wear warranty or quality assurance warranty: This warranty assures you that the carpet won’t fall apart as soon as it’s installed.
  2. Texture appearance retention or warranty: This warranty assures you that the carpet fibers won’t untwist making your new carpet look old and dull.
  3. Stain and soil warranty: Some carpet manufacturers differentiate between stains and soil. Stains result from spills such as spilling a soda on the carpet. Soiling refers to an oily substance or residue leftover from a spill that attracts dirt. Many of these manufacturers have extensive warranties, so read the fine print. And other manufacturers have “no exclusions” in their stain and soil warranties where they don’t stipulate against any substance that causes a stain or soiling.
  4. Fade resistant warranty: This warranty protects you if your carpet prematurely fades due to sunlight or contaminants.

One note: Carpeting on stairways usually isn’t covered by warranties because of the natural wear and tear of going up and down on the stairway. And the effects of gravity as each person in your home steps down on the stairs age your carpeting faster.

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How Your Professional Carpet Cleaner Saves Your Warranty

If you want to keep your carpet warranty, then forget about cleaning the carpet yourself. Instead, most manufacturers stipulate that a professional carpet cleaner must use hot water extraction to clean your carpets—whether that’s to remove stains, soiling or just cleaning your carpets before the holidays.

Matter of fact, some manufacturers require that you get your carpets cleaned every 18 to 24 months in order to keep your warranty. Many times, you have to send in a receipt from your carpet cleaner to prove that you’ve followed through on this requirement.

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Protect your investment by reading the fine print on any and all warranties that you get with your new carpet. And make sure you keep your warranty valid by getting it cleaned by a professional every 18 to 24 months.

If you need to get your carpets cleaned to keep your warranty, then you need us at Perfection Carpet Cleaners. We use hot water extraction to get even the toughest stains out of your carpet.

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